QITAB - a collection of free Lisp code

QITAB is an umbrella project collecting Lisp code originally released as Free Software by ITA Software, Inc., or later by Google after it acquired ITA.

Note however that ITA (and now Google) has been regularly contributing or funding significant code improvements to free software Lisp implementations (CMUCL, SBCL and CCL), as well as to software such as SLIME, ASDF-DEPENDENCY-GROVEL, ASDF, etc.

Qurrent ITA Bibliography

Currently, we only publish COMMAND-LINE-ARGUMENTS, CL-PROTOBUFS, INFERIOR-SHELL, POIU, QMyND, QUUX-HUNCHENTOOT, QUUX-TIME, RPM, and SINGLE-THREADED-CCL below. However, other projects released under the QITAB umbrella but possessing their own project page include XCVB and cl-stomp. Most of these projects are now available through Quicklisp.

snapshot: we've also released under MIT license a snapshot of the general-purpose code infrastructure used by QRes, our airline reservation system. It includes plenty of general-purpose utilities and macros, support for logging, threading, xml, csv, parsing grammars, testing, oracle, object-relational mapping, various data structures, and more. This snapshot is not usable as is, but we're hoping to take apart those bits that are useful and move them to better, cleaner, libraries. Outside contributors are welcome to join us in this endeavor. We're also hoping to release a stripped down history of the code in the near future. For discussion, please join the qitab-devel mailing-list.

We also publish some Lispy packages for the Java world:

Mailing Lists

Questions Inquired, Talked About, Begged

Whom shall I contact for more information?

Ask your question on the qitab-devel mailing-list.

As we publish more code, we may provide some better way to report and track bugs.

Under what License are you releasing the software?

All projects originated at ITA Software are copyrighted by ITA Software and released under an MIT-style license.

Bits that are derived from earlier work retain their original copyright and license.

Is this software commercially supported?

While ITA uses this software and ITA engineers care about its quality and will do their best to fix any existing issues, ITA itself is not currently selling support for this software or service to develop it in directions that are not priorities for ITA.

However you will have no problem finding Lisp consulting companies to sell you support, development, maintenance and guarantees about this software; just ask on the mailing-list.

Will the released code contain anything about the Airline Industry?

No it won't. All the code we release here will be general purpose libraries and utilities.

The code ITA writes for the Airline Industry as well as any data about ITA customers and partners remain confidential trade secrets. If you want to access ITA expertise about the Airline Industry, please contact the ITA sales department.

Why the name "QITAB"?

Ever since the low-fare search engine QPX, all ITA Lisp projects have borne names starting with a #\Q: QRES, QUUX, QUISP, QUAKE, QUICKET, QREDIT, QUEPASA, QULTIVATOR, etc. At the same time, we wanted "ITA" to appear in the name of this umbrella project; ITAQA could have been confusing (because these releases are made by our Eng department, not our QA department), and QITA didn't sound that good in French ("il quitta - he left") or serious in German ("kita - daycare facility for children"). QRITA in English sounds awfully like Creature, which describes this code pretty well: we created it, and though it's ugly we're proud that it exists at all. But QITAB sounds very good in Arabic ("Kitab - book"), and corresponds to what we want this to be: a collection of software used by the Lisp community at large; where ITA itself is deemphasized put between parentheses (ok, a #\Q and a #\B), though it remains present. And so, QITAB It Totally Assuredly Be. Enjoy!

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